Why do Lawyers Have Such a Bad Reputation?

I feel qualified to answer this. There are two types of lawyers who graduate from law school.
In one corner, you have the people who are scholars, writers, logical, rational minds who genuinely find the philosophy and application of law enjoyable. These lawyers respect the rule of law, and understand why maintaining its utmost integrity is important for the justice system. These are the lawyers that protect their integrity and refrain from making frivolous or specious arguments for the sake of protecting their client’s interests.
These lawyers engage with their colleagues and judges respectfully, maintain humility about the aspects of the law they don’t know, and work hard for the sake of maintaining a stable justice system. These lawyers actually give any care about the tremendous responsibility that has been placed on their shoulders. Without honest lawyers, our system would fail. It arguably is failing as we speak, but i digress.
In the other corner, you have the greedy, soulless type who believes that winning is the reason for living. This lawyer is very common, because the profession attracts a high percentage of psychopathic, narcissistic characters.
Some lawyers believe it is their job to manipulate, obfuscate, and generally help their clients get away with stuff. They take pleasure in filing Applications after Applications to clog up the justice system, and they take pleasure in billing their clients Millions of Shillings in pursuit of a case that they will not win. These lawyers give everyone else a bad name because there are so many of them.
I am a lawyer and I can honestly say that it is a mixed bag of extremely deviant characters mixed with saints. A lawyer can be the most grounded, just and fair person you will ever meet; Or a lawyer can also be your worst flipping nightmare.

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