At Dandy Law, we help you deliver. 

Our legal experts have information at their fingertips, ready to swing into action at your prompt. We offer legal assistance on all aspects of the legal profession from academia to practice. Armed with our team of vetted legal experts and scholars, our job is to make you look good by doing the groundwork for you, be it legal research, legal drafting, proof reading or preparation for  that presentation or hearing.

We bring out the lawyer in you.


Extensive Corporate Experience

Dandy law bears an established track record of effectively handling and carrying out tasks related to Document Review, Contract Management, Legal Research, and Litigation and Paralegal Support. We cater to our clients around the globe in these efforts and presently operate across more than 10 time zones.

Quality Assurance

We have a vast and experienced Quality Team, whose primary function is to keep track of and enhance the quality of the work that we provide, at absolutely no additional cost to our clients. The proficiency of our Quality Team enables us to carry out tasks on a shorter time span and with an increased level of quality and budget certainty.

Exclusive Training

We consistently spend time and resources in training our employees. Our training curriculum is administered by our senior attorneys and reaps the benefits of the experience our management acquired working at leading law firms. All our employees go through comprehensive training on several facets of litigation and corporate work, technology, work ethics and social issues.

Dedicated Permanent Workforce

All our attorneys are full-time, and are LLMs and JDs from leading law schools in India.A transparent, demonstrable career path in conjunction with a merit based system has established an exceptional culture of proficiency, ownership and responsibility among our staff that distinguishes us from our competitors.


Dandy Law, a leading and trusted LPO, provides quality legal outsourcing solutions, strategic control & dramatic cost-savings to law firms, attorneys and corporates worldwide. We believe in seamless integration with your goals and can serve as an extension of your legal division for your increased operational efficiency.


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