Disturbing the Peace: Understanding the Implications

Disturbing the peace is a criminal offense that occurs when an individual’s actions or behaviors disrupt public order and tranquility. While the exact definition varies across jurisdictions, it generally encompasses any act that disturbs the peace and quiet of others in a public space. Examples of such acts include generating excessive noise, engaging in fights, using profane language, or engaging in activities that create a public nuisance.

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Sentencing for Involuntary Manslaughter: Understanding Penalties and Considerations

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Introduction to Common Legal Terminologies in Criminal Law 

Criminal law can be interpreted differently depending on the jurisdiction. As such, individuals must have a good understanding of legal terms used when discussing criminal matters. To help you better understand legal terms used in criminal proceedings, here is a list of 100 common legal terminologies that are often seen in criminal cases.  Actus reus … Read more

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The 10 biggest challenges facing the legal profession in 2023

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