Why do Lawyers Treat the Police as if They Don’t know the Law?

Certainly. I should add that butchers, bakers, Boda Boda & Truck Driver operators, teachers, doctors e.t.c. also treat the police as if they don’t know the laws.
Lawyers have areas of practice they focus on. There are lawyers who focus on criminal defense, and others who practice tax, contract, import/export, estate, corporate, finance, and other areas of law.
Much like physicians, they know the details of their specialty areas, and often not much about other areas of the law (or medicine). The broad strokes were covered in law school, and they memorized them sufficiently to pass the exam, then moved on to whatever was next.
There is a policeman friend of mine who upon arresting people, they asked for their lawyers who have no experience in Criminal defence at all and he had to assist the lawyers understand the charges and evidence being brought against their clients.
Most lawyers he dealt with were decent, reasonable people, as is the case with other professions. No one knows everything, and they didn’t pretend any differently.

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